As the editor for Supply Chain Dive, Edwin fancies himself a bit of a translator – bridging the gap between supply chain professionals and daily news events. Whether it’s a plant shutdown, a spike in freight rates or a policy shift, his newsletter always seeks to explore the “why” in each event. He says he feels lucky to be a reporter because when he doesn’t know an answer, people actually answer his phone call or e-mail.

He also considers himself lucky to have launched Supply Chain Dive in August 2016, a week prior to Hanjin Shipping’s bankruptcy. Prior to that, he briefly worked as an Associate Editor for BioPharma Dive; founded The Caravel, a D.C.-based foreign affairs newspaper; and received an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University. He grew up in the border towns of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – so ask him about NAFTA at your own risk.