Promoted Story

Promoted stories, also known as sponsored articles, are great top-of-funnel marketing tools that reflect the same content, style and design of our editorial publications. They are typically 500-750 words and they seek to inform, teach or entertain our audience. To work effectively, promoted stories must connect with our audience in a reader-centric way.

Inmoment playbook on Macbook


  • Mobile-friendly — Looks great on all devices so your impact is maximized
  • Multiple Touch Points — Multi-product exposure increases views and reach
  • Thought Leadership — Content marketing positions your company as a leader
  • Visually Attractive — Get more clicks and attention from readers


  • Package of three promoted stories with email, social, mobile, and web syndication to the Dive community
  • Achieve “effective frequency” by getting your message in front of potential customers multiple times through multiple channels including our daily newsletter and mobile app
  • Tap in to 15-25% open rates + pass along readership and receive the SEO benefits of your content living permanently on the Dive site
  • Optional Upgrade: Dive will work with you to develop topics of your choice and write them in the voice and style of your brand

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