After years of working together in digital media, @seangriffey, @ryanwillumson, and @esd began to notice a consistent trend. They saw that, while mobile devices were changing the way people worked and consumed information, traditional business media was slow to adapt. Despite the obvious trends toward mobility, B2B content models, user interfaces, and marketing products were stuck in the past.

In 2012, they launched Industry Dive to meet the needs of busy industry executives - providing insights and analysis to help them do their jobs. The company originally set up shop in an old corner grocery market in the Adams Morgan section of Washington, DC. In that location, they launched the first five publications, including Utility Dive and Education Dive. They were there until the landlord – and investor – sold the place to an architecture agency.

From 2012 until now, the three founders, annual National's baseball games and Industry Dive's core values have all contributed to and fostered our company culture.

Industry Dive then upgraded to a historic row house in the heart of Dupont Circle, shared with the Embassy of Albania. In this location, the team launched the next 4 publications and grew to over 25 employees. After expanding the Dupont office more than 3 times, the team relocated to Chinatown. Two years later – in 2017 – Industry Dive outgrew the Chinatown location and moved operations to a larger office near McPherson Square in downtown D.C.

Industry Dive currently has products in 13 vertical markets and reaches more than 3 million senior industry executives each month.

Throughout it all, the vision and commitment has remained the same - build a world class team and media company.