Your next opportunity awaits.

We are seeking an interactive news designer to join our award-winning design team.

You will be collaborating with reporters and editors at Industry Dive to design and code multimedia story experiences across multiple industries and publications. We are looking for a strong design and development portfolio that highlights a deep understanding of digital storytelling and, ideally, journalism.

Below are a few past projects our team has completed:

What you can bring to the table:

    • Passion for journalism and digital storytelling
    • Strong grasp of design fundamentals — typography, layout, color, etc.
    • Strong HTML, CSS and Javascript skills
    • Basic knowledge of Git
    • Demonstrated ability to design and code a complex visual story for the web
    • Significant attention to detail and excellent written and oral communication skills

              About Industry Dive

              Industry Dive is a digital B2B media company that delivers news and original analysis to more ­than one million business leaders in multiple industries. We are a company founded on the belief that executives should have access to the content they need in a way that is intuitive and insightful, no matter the device. Industry Dive pushes the boundaries of modern journalism and marketing.

              Our office is a place where you work hard on clear monthly goals, have your voice heard, and shape the future of a growing media business. Located in the heart of Washington DC, our workspace boasts a lot of perks – whiteboard walls, treadmill desks, and a dedicated quiet room.

              Industry Dive has been named an “Innovative Media Start Up” and one of the “Top 10 Hottest Publishing Start Ups.”

              How To Apply

              Email Ryan McKnight [email protected] your resume and cover letter.

              Learn more about the benefits of working for Industry Dive on our jobs page.