Industry Dive’s design team was named 2020’s “Design Team of the Year” by Folio Monday afternoon. The team also won four other Ozzie and Special Recognition awards, including “Overall Design Excellence.”

Started over 25 years ago, Folio’s Eddie and Ozzie award competition seeks to "recognize excellence in engaging content and gorgeous design across all sectors of the publishing industry." The 2020 competition saw thousands of entries across more than 60 categories. This was the first year Industry Dive’s design team submitted entries.

 Special Recognition Awards:

  • Design Team of the Year

  • Art Director of the Year – Michelle Rock

  • Designer of the Year – Brian Tucker

Overall Excellence Awards:

  • Overall Design Excellence, B2B

Ozzie Awards:

  • Data Visualization, B2B – for the design of the State of the Electric Utility 2020 Survey Report by Kendall Davis for Utility Dive

  • (Honorable Mention) Illustration, B2B – for the illustration of the NASH Medication Market by Yujin Kim for BioPharma Dive

  • (Honorable Mention) Overall Art Direction, B2B – for the art direction of our editorial illustrations

A full list of the winners can be found on the Eddie & Ozzie Awards website.

“How do you create a best-in-class design team? Even before hiring our first designer in 2014, I spent many nights and weekends searching for answers to that question,"  said Taylor McKnight, Industry Dive’s vice president of design.

"It turns out that building a top-performing team is pretty simple. You only need to do two things. The first strategy comes from Joel Spolsky, co-founder of Stack Overflow and Frog Creek Software – only hire smart people who have a history of getting things done. The second piece of advice is by Steve Jobs – hire smart people, and then let them tell you what to do. Most everything else will fall in place if you religiously adhere to those two tips," McKnight said. 

The Industry Dive design department has 10 full-time designers spread across a product design team, an editorial design team and a creative design team. 

Visit the design department’s blog to learn more about their work.

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