While it is not how we generally keep score, it's always nice when someone notices your hardwork.  A few days ago, we were named to Mattermark's 10 Hottest Publishing Startups list:

10 Hottest Publishing Startups

Publishing tops the list for highest average Mattermark score by category. Here are the companies leading this group of startups:

  1. Wattpad - world's largest community of readers & writers (Series B, Sept 2012)
  2. Tapas Media - webcomics publisher and platform (raising 2nd seed round)
  3. Marquee - digital authoring platform (TechStars NYC, March 2012)
  4. MeeGenius - children's digital bookstore (Strategic Investor, May 2013) 
  5. Booke - reading companion for printed books and magazines (bootstrapped)
  6. Bookish - book discovery and recommendations (bootstrapped)
  7. The Tech Block - curating + distributing best tech-related content (bootstrapped)
  8. Industry Dive - media coverage of leading industries (Seed, May 2013) 
  9. One Green Planet - environmentally conscious shopping guide (bootstrapped)
  10. Canva - collaborative design platform ($3M seed round, March 2013)

You can see more of Mattermark's including a list of up & coming publishing start-ups here.

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