I sat down with Sean Callahan from Bizo's Digital Marketing Remix for a quick discussion of mobile opportunities for marketing.  

You can check out the podcast here.  If you are inpatient or don't like the sound of my voice, I have good news for you.  They include a written transcript of the conversation.

On a related note, I've been impressed with the content marketing efforts of Bizo.  To do content marketing well, you need publishing expertise and a commitment to developing great content.  By launching Digital Markering Remix and hiring former editors to staff it, Bizo is putting it's money where its mouth is.

About Marketing Remix:

Digital Marketing Remix, “Your daily dose of what’s now – and what’s next – in b2b marketing” -- keeps b2b marketing executives up to date on news and information about digital marketing trends and best practices. The Remix also distributes a weekly e-newsletter, summarizing the week in digital marketing news.

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