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The Expert Network is a growing community of driven professionals ready to share their expertise and elevate industry conversations.

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Kristin Durney

It has been such a pleasure to partner and share executive expertise with Industry Dive on important topics for leadership and organizations. They truly drive change, transformation and innovation with leaders on ways to improve an organization’s culture for a more psychologically safe workforce for the wellbeing of all employees."

Kristin Durney
Kristin Durney
Partner, Mental Wellness Unleashed
Webinar panelist
Mathew Gantner

Partnering with Industry Dive enables me and the Altum Crew to share our expertise and collaborate with industry pioneers through events that cover today's most interesting and pressing topics. Their team is professional and they make the whole process smooth and impactful for their audience."

Mathew Gantner
Matthew Gantner
Founder & CEO, Altum Strategy Group
Webinar panelist
Landon Cortenbach

Absolutely love partnering with Industry Dive. I get exposure to all of Industry Dive's targeted audiences (, CFO Dive) and a ton of opportunities to raise my profile as a trusted thought leader. The team is incredible and would highly recommend to anyone looking to raise their profile as a trusted thought leader."

Landon Cortenbach
Landon Cortenbach
Webinar panelist
Landon Cortenbach

I love being a part of the Expert Network. It keeps me sharp and gives me exposure to the best of the best companies challenging the way traditional retailing gets done.”

Landon Cortenbach
Chris Walton
Co-CEO, OmniTalk
Webinar panelist