Article reprints from one of Industry Dive’s publications allow you to educate your audience with our editorial insights. Utilize our content to reinforce your message while providing a valuable resource to your audience.

An article reprint provides you with a quality PDF of our branded article, as well as permission to post the article on your own site. Print the PDF to hand out at trade shows or post the article on your blog, whichever you like!

Example: A live article and its associated reprint PDF.

Features All Dive Articles Dive Article Reprint
Ability to share the original link to the article yes yes
A high-quality, designed PDF of our branded article yes
Permission to print/share the PDF with your audience yes
Cost FREE $500

If you are interested in purchasing an article reprint please email us a link to the specific article at [email protected]


Can I link directly to an Industry Dive article in my company's intranet, email newsletter, or on social media?
Yes! Please feel free to link to any of our articles.

Can I publish an excerpt of an article?
Excerpts of 250 words or less can be published free of charge. Please attribute the excerpt back to the appropriate publication.

Is there a limit to how many copies of the PDF I can print?
No. Once you purchase the PDF version of a reprint, you may make as many copies as you'd like.