Our mission

We help decision-makers stay ahead in competitive industries by producing the business world’s most respected journalism.

We dive deep into your industry and cover the biggest trends

With 100+ journalists in our newsroom, we are known as a leader in business journalism, reaching 14M+ decision makers who rely on our news, insights, and in-depth analysis to make complex decisions. We pride ourselves on having both the widest reach in B2B and the most engaged audience.

Our reporters keep their fingers on the pulse of trends that move markets. We leverage this editorial expertise to create effective brand content that complements our coverage and serves as a resource for leaders who control hundreds of millions of dollars in budget.

Our journalism

We help brands tell their stories and drive demand

Industry Dive connects brands to demand through an ROI-rich tool kit. Our editorial approach to content marketing strategy, content development, amplification and measurement make us a valuable partner to brands looking to make an impact.

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Industry Dive employees in the original office

Our vision

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Our story

Industry Dive employees in the original office
Company launched by three founders with a long history in B2B media

Started with six core publications across Construction, Education, Marketing, Utility, Waste and Food

Launched Brand Studio

Created a content studio to produce award-winning content marketing for brands.

Reached 1 million subscribers and a dozen publications
Partnered with Falfurrias Capital Partners

Charlotte-based private equity firm Falfurrias Capital Partners acquired a majority equity interest in the company

Falfurrias Capital
Launched studioID, a global content studio

We acquired NewsCred’s Content Marketing studio and combined with our Brand Studio to launch a global content studio that uses a journalistic approach to content development to help brands tell their stories

Expanded offices worldwide

Opened offices in NYC, London and Dhaka, Bangladesh

Two employees sit and work on their laptops in front of an "Industry Dive" sign.
Joined forces with Informa

Industry Dive was acquired by Informa PLC in September 2022 and is now part of the Informa Tech division. We joined forces to scale, grow and develop our audiences with expanded high-quality business journalism and events, adding value and new opportunities for our readers and clients.


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