Our culture

Industry Dive has been recognized by the Washington Post as a "Best Place to Work."
Serve the reader. Serve the client.
Earn it.
Feed your curiosity.
Solve problems.
Experiment. Learn. Repeat.
Bring your personality.

Core values

In the early days of Industry Dive, a group of Divers saw the need to create a list of Core Values that spoke to who we were as a company and who we wanted to be going forward. The Core Values that emerged were an outward representation of our community and how we strive to work together.

Stay engaged

Industry Dive is dedicated to fostering a workplace of inclusion and connection. We provide regular opportunities to get to know your coworkers, no matter your location. Employees can expect engagement events throughout the year, including trivia, meditation, book club and more.

Quotation mark

I appreciate the DIB group, because it's a safe space where we cover a wide spectrum of topics, including some challenging ones. I find it fulfilling to be part of such a passionate, supportive group that’s constantly learning from each other.

Michelle Rock
Brand & Marketing Design,
DIB Leadership

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Industry Dive employees have an internal committee dedicated to furthering Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB). Our DIB committee meets twice a month and acts as a safe space to discuss current events and engage with fellow employees across departmental and state lines with meaningful dialogue, and volunteer opportunities.
Our commitment to DEI

Our demographics

Industry Dive by the numbers
Women in management
Minorities in management
*Minorities: defined as Black, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native. Definition does not include women.

Dive Gives

Industry Dive donates to two charities each quarter. Employees present organizations they believe the company should support, and the whole staff votes on the recipients.
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