Industry Dive’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This statement was written by Industry’s Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Committee in partnership with the company’s founders and other top executives in July 2022.

At Industry Dive, we proudly foster a welcoming environment where people can come together and break down barriers to inclusivity and belonging. From our beginnings as a small startup to our position today as a global company with hundreds of employees, our commitment has not changed. We remain the same empathetic “company of people” with original perspectives, needs and experiences that we have been since we were founded.

  • In summer 2018, a group of employees came together to form our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging group, which works with the company’s management to foster open communication and serve as a vehicle to jointly bring real improvements to the company. This commitment to transparency empowers employees to share how they’re impacted personally and professionally by current events, and encourages understanding between people from different backgrounds. Since July 2021, members of the DIB leadership team have received a stipend to compensate them for their work.
  • “Bring your personality” is one of our core values and is firmly woven into our work culture. We welcome the unique life experiences that each team member brings to the table, from employee-led panels to providing support to our colleagues, like parents, who need extra support during difficult times. We get our work done while remaining human!
  • We make the time to connect across geographies and time zones to engage and form bonds with each other. We regularly have company-organized activities, like trivia contests and video game tournaments, to boost employee engagement.
  • We have active, open-access Slack groups for a range of topics, including books, films, and pets. We also have private affinity groups for individuals who self-identify as part of specific communities, like LGBTQ+ or Black, to encourage discussion on shared interests.
  • We take time to celebrate and recognize heritage months and cultural events to promote learning and create an environment where all points of view are welcome.

We serve our clients by taking care of our employees. We are committed to being an equitable, inspiring place to work for employees from all walks of life.

Our commitment to DE&I is a continuous journey, and we aspire to be better every day. We invite you to join us!