April 14, 2021

13 regional Azbee Awards set high-water mark for Dive journalism

The American Society of Business Publication Editors recognized our newsroom with five gold, five silver and three bronze awards in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Azbee Awards announced Monday.

Spread across nine of our 23 publications, these 13 awards represent the most outstanding work done by reporters, editors, designers and many others who helped our newsroom see success in 2020. Our journalists consistently stepped up with a commitment to deeply reporting the most impactful business news and trends in a time of crisis. These awards are well-deserved recognition for that important work.

This years awards are the most weve ever won and set a high-water mark for our journalism. Last year, we took home nine Regional Awards (including four Gold Awards). In 2019, we won three Regional Awards (including one Gold Award). Over the last several years, we have reported more deeply into the markets we serve and pursued more ambitious stories and projects.

Below you can read about the awards we won and the stories that were recognized.

Industry Dives Mid-Atlantic Regional Azbee winners

Gold Medals

Silver Medals

Bronze Medals

You can also read the full ASBPE announcement here . We are finalists for nine National Azbee Awards, which will be announced on May 13.