August 31, 2020

A sneak peek at 'Breaking the Rules'

Alex Cheeseman , Industry Dive's Chief Strategist will join Shafqat Islam , CEO of NewsCred at Content Marketing World: Advance Insights on Wednesday, September 2nd, to give a preview of their upcomingContent Marketing World 2020 Keynote presentation "Beyond Breaking Rules: Why Connections in Marketing Matter More Than Ever." Industry Dive acquired NewsCred's content marketing studio and services in July.

Here is a sneak peek at what's to come:

When people come up to me and ask, "Alex, what is it that makes Industry Dive content so exceptional?"I tell them it's because we are not afraid to break the rules. To help people to step away from what they have always done.

Sometimes that may mean challenging the status quo and being uncomfortable but we really believe it's important that people feel something when they read content.

And whether that feeling is a tingling in your spine or that sensation you get when you've just jumped into an icy lake, if people aren't feeling something when they're reading your content, then you're failing.

So what we want to do during our sneak peek on the second of September is to give you a really high-level overview of how to use creativity to help people to feel something.

We're going to talk about connections, we are going to talk about how you adapt internally to get closer to your customers. We are going to talk about how you take this creativity, how you take these connections and how you can bring them together to accelerate your business value.

So join us on the second of September for our sneak peek, and join us at Content Marketing World in October but join us with the appetite to change.

Register for the Content Marketing World: Advance Insights session here .

Content Marketing World 2020 is now a virtual event scheduled for Oct. 13 -16.