May 31, 2023

Agriculture Dive to cover sector news as geopolitical and climate challenges disrupt $300T industry

The growing likelihood of major climate events coupled with geopolitical tensions worldwide risk upending the agriculture industry reliant upon global supply chains for stable production. Agriculture Dive, Industry Dive's latest business journalism publication, will provide insight into what strategies and news business executives and decision-makers need to know to run their operations effectively in this environment. Subscribers will receive the first newsletter on June 26.

"Worsening food shortages and rising commodity prices threaten the world’s largest meat, poultry, and dairy companies in the coming years," said Sarah Zimmerman, editor for Agriculture Dive. "Agriculture Dive will explore the latest news in the consolidated world of agribusiness and the technology, policies and supply chain strategies needed to feed the planet."

Agriculture Dive will cover a wide range of topics related to farming, such as technological advancements, environmental regulations, global trade, labor, supply chain issues and commodities. While initially disruptive, these unforeseen market challenges forced the industry to pivot and adopt technologies such as sensors and crop monitoring to understand how much to plant and how much farmers expect to yield. These advancements also come on the heels of Congress’ push to reauthorize the Farm Bill by September, a legislative package that would drastically reform American farming practices and livelihoods if passed.

Agriculture Dive is the sixth newsletter Industry Dive launched in 2023, the latest being Facilities Dive and Automotive Dive. It’s part of an ambitious, accelerated publication strategy that will bring award-winning journalism to new markets and audiences. 

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