July 8, 2020

Banking Dive marks one year of publication

Today marks Banking Dive's one-year anniversary as a live publication. Such milestones always invite some level of reflection as to how the banking industry has transformed.

Some things stay the same: A story in our first newsletter detailed Deutsche Bank's plan to cut 18,000 jobs. Fast-forward one year and Deutsche's largest German competitor, Commerzbank, faces its own challenges regarding a path forward.

Between then and now, a number of issues have run their course. We thought Libra might become a thing.  Until it wasn't.

We thought pot banking would become a thing. Until it wasn't. (Or maybe it is.)

Environmental, social and governance investing might still be a thing, but rather than climate change, the focus has turned to racial inequality.

In between, challengers and tech companies have sought to become banks. Or encroached on banking. Banks have merged, been swallowed by credit unions (or not), and stalwarts have found if they can't beat the upstarts, they should buy them.

Regulators have been  tested. And tested again. Executives have come and gone.

And we're working through the ultimate disruptor: a global pandemic that upended the economy and challenged nearly every facet of banking.

Through all of this, Banking Dive grew alongside our readers, aiming to serve as a valued and dependable source of useful information.

It's been a hell of a year. Let's do it again.

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