November 9, 2022

Banking Dive starts Fintech weekly newsletter

Banking Dive has covered the intersection of financial technology — or fintech — and banking since the publication launched in 2019. In those three years, a multitude of fintech firms have emerged, both as formidable competitors and promising partners to traditional financial institutions. 

To provide a closer look at these firms, today we're launching Banking Dive: Fintech, a weekly newsletter that will publish each Wednesday.

Banking Dive: Fintech will cover how fintech firms challenge banks to revamp their products and services to stay competitive, as well as the regulatory developments shaping the fintech space.

We’ll also write about bank-fintech relationships and acquisitions to provide a unique look at the startups and legacy financial institutions navigating complex partnerships.

These two stories from our first edition are great examples of the type of coverage you’ll see moving forward:

Banking-as-a-service grows as regulators play catch-up

New OCC office to focus on fintech

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