September 12, 2016

Construction Dive Builds Technology Coverage with Weekly Issue

The construction industry is notoriously slow to evolve. However, firms are starting to realize that when they adopt the newest innovations, they can boost productivity, safety and quality. The industry is an environment of rapid change, where one advancement could be quickly surpassed by something new.

That's why Construction Dive is delving into the world of technology and finding out how companies can use it to their advantagewith the launch of a new weekly edition, Construction Dive: Tech .

Construction Dive: Tech will not only explore the newest methods and products; it will also look at real-life examples of firms capitalizing on the latest trends and experimenting with innovations as part of their day-to-day routine.

"There exists enormous opportunity in todays construction industry, but to capitalize on this, executives must have reliable intel on evolving technology and industry innovations. That is where Construction Dive: Tech comes in," said Emily Peiffer, editor, Construction Dive.

Delivered every Wednesday, Construction Dive: Tech will cover: BIM, Virtual/mixed reality, 3-D printing, Drones, Mobile apps, Startups, Smart homes/buildings, and more.

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