October 17, 2016

Construction Dive Expands Daily News Service to Residential and Commercial Focus

The housing market is finally recovering and homebuilders are taking advantage of growth opportunities. But with the recovery comes several challenges: Millennials are entering the housing market after renting during the recession, and they are in search of homes with specific features like energy-efficient systems and versatile spaces that also respond to their cost-sensitivity. How will the construction industry keep up?

To give these opportunities and challenges their due in news coverage, Construction Dive will now offer two separate newsletters. The existing Construction Dive newsletter will focus more on the commercial, institutional and infrastructure aspects of building and design. The new Construction Dive: Residential newsletter will focus solely on the housing market, homebuidling news, remodeling trends, multifamily construction and residential architecture.

"Our readers have expressed a concern over the growing divide in challenges facing the residential versus commercial building industry. Many face unique questions like How do I prepare for the next generation of homebuilding leadership? As recovery warms up markets nationwide, how do I manage renewed growth? Thats where Construction Dive: Residential comes in." - Ryan Willumson, Co-Founder, Construction Dive

Coverage to expect from Construction Dive: Residential: housing market data, business intel from the nation's largest homebuilders, best practices from business owners across the country, design trends, green building trends, what the next generation of homeowners want from their investment in a home and what the next generation of homebuilding leadership has in mind for the future of the industry.

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