June 21, 2013

Content Marketing...With a Mobile Focus

One major misconception of mobile marketing is that it is limited to banner ads on the screen of a smartphone. That is a narrow (and dangerous) view of the opportunities associated with mobile.

Anyone who has listened to me speak or watched me rant on twitter knows my general belief that every marketing campaign today starts with mobile today. That includes even the most sophisticated B2B marketing campaigns.

A recent campaign we ran for Sprint is a perfect example.

Long known as a consumer wireless company, Sprint wanted help building awareness and driving leads for its specific industry vertical solutions. In particular, they asked us for high-level content pieces targeting IT buyers in the higher education space.

We tackled this challenge by conducting a survey of 50+ university CIOs and CTOs on the role of mobility in higher education. To optimize Sprint's results, we made sure the resulting collateral and resulting campaign was completely mobile optimized. This included:

  • Releasing individual results over a two week span on mobile optimized websites and apps.
  • Creating mobile friendly graphics that link back to the survey. (See the sample below)
  • Promoting the survey results via mobile optimized newsletters and email blasts
  • Setting up mobile optimized landing pages to promote. You can download the full Mobility in Higher Education survey here .

At the end of the day, this campaign got thousands of mobile impressions and downloads for Sprint. Had we thought of it as a traditional digital campaign and not optimized the results for mobile, those impressions and the opportunity to connect with key thought leaders would have been wasted.

By taking a mobile first approach, we were able to help position Sprint as a thought leader not only in the education space but in mobile B2B marketing, too.

Example: Survey Question Result