October 2, 2023

CX Dive to deliver customer experience news and trends as industry is projected to grow 16.2% by 2029

As the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds continue to blur, every interaction and experience a customer has with a business — their customer experience (CX) — will be critical to remain competitive moving forward. That’s where CX Dive comes in. Industry Dive’s newest publication will inform CX professionals and decision-makers about topics from strategic data usage to personalization to achieve customer satisfaction and retention. Subscribers will receive the first newsletter on November 6.

"Technology continues to create upheaval in every industry as companies evolve how they interact with customers and AI is changing what's possible,” said Naomi Eide, managing editor of CX Dive. “CX Dive will tease out what executives need to know as they strategize data use, personalization and satisfaction in a digital world."

CX encompasses every touchpoint a customer encounters, from the first point of contact or awareness, through the process of engagement, purchasing, usage, and even after-sales service or follow-up. The CX market in the United States has boomed in recent years, a $10.1 billion industry in 2021 and projected to balloon to $32.5 billion by 2029. Companies across the spectrum are heavily investing in CX solutions and technologies to enhance their customer interactions and build long-lasting relationships.

CX Dive will provide in-depth coverage across multiple industries and subject areas, such as:

  • Surging adoption of AI
  • Customer touchpoints and personalization
  • Shifting consumer behaviors, including B2B customers
  • Automation and self-serve resolutions to mitigate labor shortage challenges
  • Expansion of phygital experience beyond hotels and restaurants to other industries like banking, insurance, as well as home buying and real estate
  • Digital assistant and chatbot implementation and optimization
  • Rising concerns over data collection and privacy

CX Dive will be the eighth newsletter Industry Dive launched in 2023. It’s part of an ambitious, accelerated publication strategy that will bring award-winning journalism to new markets and audiences. 

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