February 12, 2024

The Dive Outlook on 2024

Dive Outlook on 2024

Every January, executives in the biggest boardrooms try to anticipate what will define the coming year in their markets.

The last year was defined by the rollercoaster of hype and reality around generative AI technologies, the cascading fallout in the financial world from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and many other storylines whose effects will continue to be felt in 2024 and beyond.

What emerging trends will shape business strategies this year? What new innovations will disrupt the market? What unforeseen challenges will send ripples throughout industries? And what solutions will players in the market devise?

At the same time executives ask themselves these questions, Industry Dive’s journalists prepare our Dive Outlooks — a deeply reported look at the biggest trends that we expect to shape the new year. It’s become a tradition for how we serve our readers as we turn the corner from one year to the next.

We don’t pretend to have a magic crystal ball. Instead, we offer something with a better track record: the insights of 130 of the best business journalists and their trusted sources across the 37 markets we cover. Our more than 2 million subscribers have come to rely on our reporting to stay ahead of the year’s challenges and opportunities. These stories are among our most shared and valued work by readers.

Industry Dive's 37 publications each publish their Outlooks in January, helping executives understand the big picture and navigate the future. From trucking to convenience stores, from environmental and social governance to hotels, from medical devices to finance — here is the Dive Outlook on 2024.

Agriculture Dive Outlook on 2024

As the sector anxiously awaits a farm bill, producers are expected to take advantage of new opportunities in renewable energy and regenerative agriculture.

  • Bio-fueling the future: How farms are shaping the renewable energy transition in 2024
  • Agriculture policies to watch in 2024
  • Autonomous tractors, robot milkers: How AI is transforming the future of farm tech
  • Tractor makers to focus on agtech in 2024, bracing for equipment slump

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Automotive Dive Outlook on 2024

Executives are adjusting plans as they deal with economic headwinds, a web of federal mandates and the fallout of the United Auto Workers deal.

  • 3 EV trends shaping the auto industry in 2024
  • Automotive consumer trends in 2024
  • The UAW won big for future EV battery plants

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Banking Dive Outlook on 2024

A capital requirements proposal, fintech regulation and the CFPB itself hang in the balance as opinions (from the public and a court) and an ever-ticking clock loom large.

  • 5 banking trends to watch in 2024
  • Could the factors that took down SVB combine for a rerun in 2024?
  • 9 capital-requirements comments to watch
  • BaaS to require strong commitment, investment in 2024, experts say

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BioPharma Dive Outlook on 2024

A stock market run and a flurry of dealmaking have buoyed a sector that spent much of 2023 in a downturn. Can the momentum last?

  • 5 questions facing pharma in 2024
  • 5 questions facing emerging biotech in 2024
  • Newly optimistic, biotech investors weigh lessons of sector’s downturn
  • 10 clinical trials to watch in the first half of 2024
  • 5 FDA decisions to watch in the first quarter

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C-Store Dive Outlook on 2024

A shifting M&A market, increasing technology updates and new food and beverage innovations will all impact convenience retailers over the coming year.

  • 9 trends that will shape the c-store industry in 2024
  • Family matters: Why more small c-store owners will sell in 2024
  • Price check: How will consumers’ ongoing financial woes impact c-stores?
  • 4 top c-store snack trends for 2024

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CFO Dive Outlook on 2024

Cooling inflation, an M&A rebound and an AI reckoning are among the top forces that could shape the corporate finance world this year.

  • Seeking ‘Goldilocks’: 5 CFO trends for 2024
  • Targeting the accounting shortage: 2024 tactics
  • Modern finance team makeovers: Controllers
  • AI may boost M&A dealmaking this year

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CIO Dive Outlook on 2024

Executives will track the evolution of generative AI while keeping IT spending in check and tech vacancies filled.

  • 7 business technology trends to watch in 2024
  • Can FinOps save cloud from itself in 2024?
  • Businesses work to deliver on generative AI aspirations in 2024
  • AI, new projects to jumpstart tech hiring in 2024

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Construction Dive Outlook on 2024

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen in the next 12 months, but these insights from construction pros can help bring the year into focus.

  • 4 charts break down winning, losing sectors in 2024
  • AI, robotics dominate 2024’s construction tech forecast
  • Construction’s biggest staffing struggles for 2024
  • 9 infrastructure megaprojects to watch
  • 3 infrastructure trends for 2024

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CX Dive Outlook on 2024

Customer experience leaders will face complex challenges in the year ahead, from an expanded remit to the careful balancing act of providing both self-service technology and customer service.

  • 5 CX trends to watch in 2024
  • Generative AI will drive CX in 2024 — but leaders must separate hype from reality
  • What makes for a good CX tech stack in 2024?
  • Generative AI, looming over CX tech, raises the stakes for delivering results

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Cybersecurity Dive Outlook on 2024

A steady stream of threats and new regulations have executives tiptoeing around how to best detail security incidents.

  • 5 cybersecurity trends to watch in 2024
  • In 2024, the cybersecurity industry awaits more regulation — and enforcement
  • Will the movement to ban ransom payments gain steam in 2024?

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ESG Dive Outlook on 2024

The upcoming year will determine how national and international regulation, shareholder rights and proposal approvals, and scope 3 reporting influence the ESG landscape.

  • 4 ESG trends that set the tone for 2024
  • To keep or not to keep: The fate of scope 3 emissions in SEC’s climate disclosure rule
  • 2024 proxy outlook: What’s driving the ESG proposal approval dip?
  • ESG conferences to plan for in 2024

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Facilities Dive Outlook on 2024

The industry is integrating technology into building operations to balance cost effectiveness, space planning and sustainability.

  • 6 facilities management trends to watch in 2024
  • How facilities managers will navigate the return-to-office landscape in 2024
  • Decarbonization will require urgency, technology, investments in 2024
  • Trends that will define facilities management in 2024: 12 predictions
  • Facilities management conferences ahead in 2024

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Fashion Dive Outlook on 2024

New governmental regulations and a luxury sector slowdown are forcing the industry to take stock of itself. Meanwhile, a return to red carpet dressing means labels still matter.

  • 7 fashion industry trends to watch in 2024
  • 5 fashion lawsuits to watch in 2024
  • 4 brands heading into 2024 without creative directors

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Food Dive Outlook on 2024

Inflation, consumer fatigue over price increases and other factors continue to weigh on companies. Everything from beverages to snacking is set to change in the year ahead.

  • 6 food trends to watch in 2024
  • The key for growth in 2024 is innovation. Will more CPG companies embrace it?
  • Plant-based meat needs to beef up its messaging in 2024
  • Booze or bust: How 2024 will reshape alcohol

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Grocery Dive Outlook on 2024

The evolution of retail media, ongoing consumer attention on price and the influence grocers’ foodservice has on meal spending are top areas expected to impact the industry this year.

  • 8 trends that will shape the grocery industry in 2024
  • Inflation may be down, but consumers remain singularly focused on price
  • Retail media to elevate in-store grocery experiences in 2024, experts say
  • How grocers are promoting value among their foodservice offerings

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Healthcare Dive Outlook on 2024

Here’s what industry experts see coming down the pike for hospitals, insurers and digital health companies this year.

  • Healthcare technology trends to watch in 2024
  • Trends shaping the business of health insurance in 2024
  • Key hospital and provider trends in 2024

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Higher Ed Dive Outlook on 2024

We’re rounding up three pieces predicting the national, state and legal trends that will shape the sector this year.

  • 7 higher education trends to watch in 2024
  • 5 higher education lawsuits to keep an eye on in 2024
  • 3 state policy trends that will shape higher ed in 2024

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Hotel Dive Outlook on 2024

Leaders in the hospitality industry shared with Hotel Dive what trends will drive progress at hotels this year, impacting everything from on-site amenities to hotel workforce management.

  • 7 hotel industry trends to watch in 2024
  • 6 hotel executives share their 2024 development outlooks
  • Food and beverage trends that will shape the hotel industry in 2024
  • The wellness travel trends that will impact hotel amenities in 2024
  • US hotel openings to watch in 2024

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HR Dive Outlook on 2024

HR pros will have a chance to put new skills to use, namely data analysis and AI management, in 2024.

  • 5 trends that will shape HR in 2024
  • 2024 DEI trends to be marked by data analysis
  • Recruiting in 2024: Flexibility is king

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K-12 Dive Outlook on 2024

We’ve gathered our trends to watch, leaders to follow and more in one place to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • 8 K-12 trends to watch in 2024
  • 5 superintendents to watch in 2024
  • 5 principals to watch in 2024
  • 5 factors shaping AI’s impact on schools in 2024
  • 4 policy trends to watch in 2024

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Legal Dive Outlook on 2024

Legal leaders look at practical generative AI use cases and get tough on outside counsel spend, among other priorities this year.

  • 6 in-house legal trends to watch in 2024
  • Legal teams to test AI promises with use cases in 2024
  • Outside counsel management is a growing focus for in-house legal teams

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Manufacturing Dive Outlook on 2024

From the biggest plant projects to the toughest jobs to fill, here are some of the top issues to watch in 2024.

  • Major factory construction projects to watch in 2024
  • Manufacturing trends to watch in 2024: rising costs
  • The hardest manufacturing jobs to fill this year
  • 4 food manufacturing trends for 2024

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Marketing Dive Outlook on 2024

Areas of growing investment, including retail media networks and the creator economy, could be impacted by the death of the cookie and generative AI.

  • 8 predictions for 2024 as marketing seeks a new normal
  • How generative AI could solve the cookie deprecation puzzle in 2024
  • Inside the creator marketing trends expected to go viral in 2024

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MedTech Dive Outlook on 2024

Experts said M&A, orthopedic procedure backlogs and emerging cardiac markets were among the top trends to watch in the medical device industry this year.

  • 5 medtech trends to watch in 2024
  • Orthopedics leaders watch procedure backlog, new technologies in 2024
  • 4 heart device trends shaping the medtech sector in 2024

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Multifamily Dive Outlook on 2024

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen in the next 12 months, but these insights from multifamily pros can help bring the year into focus.

  • 4 multifamily trends to watch in 2024
  • Top multifamily design trends for 2024
  • Where rents will go in 2024
  • 5 predictions for apartment development in 2024

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Packaging Dive Outlook on 2024

Here’s what’s in store for policymaking, pricing, producer responsibility, plastics and more this year.

  • 5 packaging trends to watch in 2024
  • EPR, recycling refunds, labeling top 2024 packaging policy concerns
  • Will fiber price hikes stick in 2024? Early signs are questionable.
  • Packaging laws taking effect in 2024

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Payments Dive Outlook on 2024

The industry faces more upheaval this year as legacy companies and upstart fintechs jockey for the upper hand, and regulators monitor the competition closely.

  • 6 payments trends to watch in 2024
  • Payments regulation and legislation abound in 2024
  • Payments startups face pivotal year
  • Payments conferences to consider for 2024

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PharmaVoice Outlook on 2024

As 2024 gets rolling, clarity around the investment market’s rebound — one of the key questions in the life sciences industry this year — is already forming. 

  • PharmaVoice’s Crystal Ball: Perspectives on the financial future
  • PharmaVoice’s Crystal Ball: What’s next in drug innovation and clinical trials
  • 4 big FDA approval dates to watch in 2024
  • Regulatory twists and turns are coming for biopharma in 2024

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Restaurant Dive Outlook on 2024

Slow traffic, growing interest in afternoon snacking and trends toward value menus, digital and in-store personalization will shape the restaurant landscape.

  • 7 restaurant industry trends to watch in 2024
  • Return-to-office traffic is fueling a catering boom in 2024
  • Cost pressures may drive restaurant franchisee bankruptcies in 2024
  • Restaurants are cranking up value in 2024 — but traffic may not follow
  • Personalization will rule restaurant loyalty programs in 2024

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Retail Dive Outlook on 2024

Though some of the problems of the pandemic have waned, retail continues to reel from C-suite turnover and layoffs.

  • 7 retail trends to watch in 2024
  • Retailers are finding more of what they want off mall
  • 5 ways the pandemic is still impacting retail

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Retail Dive: DTC Outlook on 2024

As the new year kicks off, the space has already seen many C-suite changes, acquisitions and sales.

  • 8 DTC trends to follow in 2024
  • The Backroom: What’s in store for DTC in 2024?
  • 8 DTC brands to keep an eye on in 2024

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Smart Cities Dive Outlook on 2024

Cities are innovating to become more sustainable, safe and equitable, but they face familiar roadblocks.

  • 6 trends that could shape US cities in 2024
  • Micromobility companies rode through rough times last year. What’s ahead for 2024?
  • Extreme heat watch: Will cities be ready for summer 2024?
  • What US cities could look like in 2024: 6 predictions

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Social Media Today Outlook on 2024

A number of opportunities and challenges lie ahead for those looking to stay on top of social media marketing trends in 2024.

  • Social Media Trends 2024: 34 Predictions for Marketers
  • The Upshot for Marketers as Social Media Platforms Evolve in 2024
  • AI Tips for Social Media Marketers
  • 3 Steps for Establishing a Core Marketing Message

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Supply Chain Dive Outlook on 2024

Companies are adjusting their strategies at every step of the supply chain to position themselves for success in the year ahead.

  • Supply chain trends 2024: rising operations costs
  • Shortages 2024: What supplies are still at risk after years of disruption?
  • 8 logistics trends to watch in 2024
  • Will parcel shippers use fewer delivery providers in 2024?

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Trucking Dive Outlook on 2024

A persistently soft freight environment is among many issues carriers will confront this year. We talked to execs about how they are preparing.

  • Top trucking trends to monitor in 2024
  • Trucking equipment regulations to watch in 2024
  • ‘A mandate to grow’: Trucking’s 2024 M&A outlook is bright
  • Trucking labor rules and regs to watch in 2024

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Utility Dive Outlook on 2024

The U.S. clean energy transition is expected to accelerate in 2024 but faces question around transmission, financing, federal elections and other issues.

  • 9 US power sector trends to watch in 2024
  • Renewable Energy Outlook: Addressing supply chain, project hurdles could see dividends in 2024
  • FERC Outlook: Danly exit could boost transmission reform, but smaller commission poses risks
  • Utility Business Outlook: Power prices stay elevated as elections sow uncertainty for clean energy plans

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Waste Dive Outlook on 2024

Recycling policy, PFAS regulations, landfill methane, organics infrastructure and M&A are all expected to be key topics for the year ahead.

  • 5 waste and recycling trends to watch in 2024
  • EPR, bottle bills and right-to-repair legislation make a return in 2024 with nuanced new details
  • RNG industry expects voluntary agreements, new credits to spur growth in 2024
  • Plan for these upcoming waste and recycling conferences

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