January 8, 2018

Education Dive to Offer K12 Curriculum Resource

With new demands, technology, and regulations, the year ahead presents many challenges for K-12 education. A one-size-fits-all approach is no longer effective.

"As states adopt new accountability measures under the Every Student Succeeds Act and schools continue rethinking the traditional approaches to pedagogy and classroom design, chief academic officers and other administrators in charge of coordinating and developing curriculum will need guidance on the latest trends and approaches to meeting the challenges and needs facing their districts and schools," said Roger Riddell, Editor of Education Dive

That's why Education Dive is committed to covering the decisions that directly impact how learning occurs within the classroom with the launch of Education Dive: K12 Curriculum .

Delivered every Wednesday, the weekly newsletter will provide standards, resources, and research-based practices.

Covering every focus from STEM to ESSA, Education Dive: K12 Curriculum will serve chief academic officers and curriculum directors with the information they need to know.

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