October 27, 2016

How Will the Election Impact Your Industry?

With the polls closing in a little over a week, we're anxious to see how the 2016 election shakes out. We're especially focused on how the presidential race impacts our twelve vertical markets . Wondering the same thing? We've put together all of our publications' content on the election. From how the next administration can shape the future of an industry to quirky political food products, the editorial team at Industry Dive has you covered:


Trump vs. Clinton: What the candidates say about major tech issues

Both candidates stand atop policy platforms that could reshape how businesses run enterprise technology and navigate the tech talent labor market.

Hacking the election: 'A little chaos can go a long way'

With cybersecurity concerns pervasive throughout the election cycle, the presence of doubt could cast a shadow over election results.


Presidential election survey results: And the winner is...
Would Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be best for the construction industry? Here's what Construction Dive readers had to say.

10 construction-related state ballot initiatives to watch

Right-to-work laws, big bonds, the allocation of infrastructure dollars, legalized marijuana and the country's first carbon tax are all on the table this election.


Examining Obama's K-12 education legacy
From a large emphasis on federal standards to a push for accountability, the administration will be remembered for its top-down approach to education reform.

Examining Obama's higher ed legacy
An emphasis on empowering the middle class translated to a zeroing in on accountability and access, with mixed results.

Candidates: If you want growth, talk education innovation
This opinion piece breaks down the issues affecting both K-12 and higher ed that need to be addressed by the nation's next president.


Election 2016: Hillary Clinton could continue food policy progress
If she is elected, the possibility of a Republican-dominated Congress could stymie any changes or progress she wants to make from the Oval Office.

Election 2016: Would Donald Trump deregulate the FDA?
Many in the food industry wonder if deregulation could happen and, if so, what it could mean for producers and manufacturers.

Presidential candidates talked about many things, but not food policy
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not bring up issues related to what we eat and drink in any debates, but that was not a surprise.

The cure to election-related indigestion: Political food
These products are something consumersand all of Americamay need in order to stomach the days leading up to Election Day.


Ignorance around 'Obamacare' impairs discussion
Trump made some remarks on the ACA on the campaign trail which didn't add up.

What the 2016 presidential election could mean for the future of the ACA
Democrats want to improve the ACA while Republicans want to see its demise. With such vastly different views for the future of healthcare, what's likely to happen after the election?


How the Clinton v. Trump election will impact HR, no matter who wins
Many experts are concerned that the election will signal "ongoing compliance uncertainty."


Is your social media strategy more Trump or Clinton?
Marketing Dive spoke with four experts about what marketers can learn from the presidential candidates' approach to Twitter and other platforms.


Trump vs. Clinton: How the next US president could shape retail's future
The candidates'stances on three policy issues critical to retail trade, tax reformand labor could have a major impact on the future of the industry.

How the presidential election is distracting holiday shoppers
This year's highly politicized race is weighing down consumers at a time when retailers hope to capture their attention and dollars ahead of the holidays.

Supply Chain

Where Trump, Clinton stand on supply chain issues
Both candidates have said they would bring back manufacturing jobs and talked tough on trade, but how will they do it? We looked at their platforms to find out.

Why supply chain professionals should disagree with Trump and Clinton on trade
The TPP promises to lower 18,000 tariffs and drive export competitiveness, which will drastically impact the logistics industry.


6 ways the presidential election will influence the electric utility sector
From FERC appointments to nukes and natural gas, experts outline how Trump or Clinton could shift the trajectory of the power sector.

What Trump and Clinton miss about clean coal and renewables subsidies
A deep dive into the facts reveals winners and losers on both sides of the energy subsidy debate.

10 charts that explain America's divide on energy and climate policy
Ideology trumps science when it comes to energy and climate, and that's bad news for utility leaders.

Trump or Clinton: What the power sector's future could look like under the next president
While the president has limited direct influence over the trajectory of the utility industry, there are important policy levers for either candidates aims.


Results are in: The best president for the industry is
Earlier this year, we asked Waste Dive readers which candidate would benefit the future of waste and recycling.