October 15, 2018

Expanding Coverage of the Food Industry: Introducing Restaurant Dive

Since 2012, the Food Dive team has worked to keep readers on top of the ever-changing food industry with insightful news analysis, perspectives from thought leaders and deep dives into major trends. In 2017, that meant launching what is now Grocery Dive a home for all things food retail. But there's another facet of the food world deserving of dedicated coverage: restaurants. While new restaurants may be popping up on every street corner, the industry faces lagging sales as owners struggle with increased competition, emerging technology, changing eating habits, new restaurant concepts and labor issues.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new publication Restaurant Dive to chronicle the transformation of food service.

"In this challenging time for the industry, Restaurant Dive aims to answer the questions of how restaurants can not only survive but succeed by analyzing the trends impacting owners, operators, chefs, investors, employees and diners," said Emma Liem, associate editor of Restaurant Dive.

Delivered daily,the Restaurant Dive newsletter will cover everything you need to know about the changes impacting this industry from delivery innovations, AI platforms and labor issues to M&A, menu trends and new digital marketplaces.

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