March 3, 2021

Federal Maritime Commission chooses Supply Chain Dive for shipping op-ed

Readers count on Industry Dive journalists to keep them updated on the latest news and trends - including actions by regulators.In Tuesdays Supply Chain Dive newsletter, regulators took an opportunity to speak directly to our audience.

Daniel B. Maffei and Louis E. Sola, two of the five commissioners at the Federal Maritime Commission explained in an exclusive opinion piece that Injecting containers wont solve supply chain woes .

Unwinding the congestion at ports around the world is complicated. Every participant has a theory as to who is to blame, but the truth is that there is no one party at fault. Everyone is responsible, but no one is to blame.

If we, as a Republican and a Democrat, can cooperate on this issue in such divisive times, certainly others with diverse interests should be able to do so, as well. We, therefore, urge industry stakeholders to collaborate to find mutually beneficial solutions both for the current crisis, and to prevent something this disruptive from happening again.

We must learn from this situation and find ways to prevent similar conditions in future times of disruption.

This piece reflects the authors view only. Readers looking for a complete picture can check out Supply Chain Dive reporter Matt Leonard's coverage of the FMC. Leonard has been tracking activities since the pandemic disrupted the supply chain last year.

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