July 9, 2015

Food Dive Now Serving a Weekly Edition of Ingredients-Focused News

The importance of flavors and trends in food products cannot be overstated, nor can the difficulty of staying up to date on the development of ingredients. Consumers tastes are constantly changing, making the task of using the right flavors at the right time a challenge for food companies. Executives need a news source that not only delivers the latest news on flavors and ingredients, but also provides insights into the opportunities the trends create.

Industry Dive is proud to announce Food Dive: Ingredients , a weekly version of Food Dive that will dig deeper into the ingredients aspect of the industry. Already serving over 75,000 food executives with the daily newsletter, this new edition of Food Dive will cover trending products and flavors, FDA/USDA regulation, GMOs, ingredient startups, Research and Development, beverage ingredients and more.

"The very nature of food production necessitates the ability to stay ahead of taste trends and R&D in order to successfully produce what consumers want. With quick updates on the development of ingredients and new regulations, our readers will have access to the information they need to stay ahead of the competition." - Ryan Willumson, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder

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