January 20, 2015

Healthcare Dive Launches Health IT and Payer-Focused Newsletters

The healthcare industry is moving fast and staying on top of the almost-daily developments is a challenge. As providers and payers reassess value of care, storage of data, and method of services, coverage of these changes has never been more crucial.

The team at Industry Dive is proud to announce the launch of two new weekly editions of Healthcare Dive, Healthcare Dive: Payer and Healthcare Dive: IT , free industry news resources serving more than 125,000 health executives.

Built mobile-friendly, Healthcare Dive: Payer and Healthcare Dive: IT will deliver a mix of news and analysis to keep even the busiest industry executives up-to-speed on emerging IT and health insurance trends. Designed to provide deeper coverage of topics important to healthcare professionals today, the launch of these two publications will further complement stories covered by Healthcare Dive.

  • Healthcare Dive: Payer topics will include: Reimbursement, payer-provider integration, insurer market moves and performances, public payer policy changes, subsidies and exchanges, rate-setting, hospital pricing and more.
  • Healthcare Dive: IT topics will include: Electronic health records, interoperability, data analytics and the use of big data, HIPAA and data security, vendor activity, innovation, telehealth and more.
"Information is key to healthcare. From health records and patient data to rate-setting and policy changes, health execs need to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Thats why were offering deeper dives into IT and Payer healthcare news." - Ryan Willumson, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Industry Dive

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