October 20, 2014

Helpful Mobile Email Tips, Stats for B2B Marketers

I wake up in the morning and check my work email. I check it when Im at lunch, when Im back at home on the couch, and at various times throughout the day. I check my work email a lot, and as the Dive Cheat Sheet on mobile email shows, Im no exception.

Email is a key facet of any B2B digital marketers plan, but too many marketers neglect to make their email programs mobile-friendly. Industry Dive reaches more than 1 million business executives on a monthly basis, so we have a sharp view on their habits. The Dive Cheat Sheet on mobile email synthesizes some of this data to shed light on mobile email habits of executives, and provides some helpful tips on how to improve your email programs.

Youll learn the answers to questions such as:

  • How many business emails are opened from a mobile device?
  • What is the breakdown by platform (iOS vs. Android, etc.)?
  • How can I make my calls to action more effective on mobile?
  • Without a new template, how do I prevent my email text from looking so small on mobile?

Get the Cheat Sheet by downloading it here .

(Youll notice that the above landing page is responsive. We have some pretty interesting data on mobile conversion and tips for landing pages. That Cheat Sheet is next, so keep an eye out.)