November 6, 2018

How the 2018 Midterms Affect Your Industry

As the votes are tallied, we're anxious to see how the 2018 midterm elections shake out and how changing leadership impacts our 16 different markets . Wondering the same thing? We've pulled together all of our election-related content for your reading pleasure:


5 election takeaways for pharma
Democrats took back the House on Tuesday, raising the prospect of more scrutiny on drug pricing. Experts, however, don't expect a major deal with President Trump.


What businesses can learn from election security vulnerabilities
It's inevitable that voting machines will be hacked. The real question is how widespread it will be and whether a catastrophe can be avoided.


How the midterm elections will impact the construction industry
The course of infrastructure funding, immigration policy, the U.S.-Mexico border wall and local mega-projects could be decided by which Congressional and gubernatorial candidates win.

Midterms 2018: Which voters said yes or no to funding infrastructure?
While voters in some states pledged to pay more for new projects and maintenance through increased taxes, others rejected initiatives that could have generated billions for transportation projects.


How Americans voted on 6 key higher ed ballot measures
Voters turned out to support more funding, transgender student rights, workforce development and free college, while the Democrats took control of the House in a move that could change the direction of U.S. higher ed policy.

Voters in 5 states approve ballot measures boosting school funding
Colorado voters, however, defeated a measure that would have increased funding for public schools by $1.6 billion.

Nearly 1,800 educators ran for office in the midterms. Here's who won
This year's midterms saw more educator candidates than any other election cycle. How many will serve in public office?


Election results: What ballot measures affecting food and grocery passed?
Voters approved a ban on all new grocery taxes in Washington and an animal confinement initiative in California during the midterm elections Tuesday.

3 measures on the ballot that could impact food and grocery
Voters will decide whether to ban all new grocery taxes including those on soda in Washington and Oregon, and may change animal welfare requirements for meat and eggs sold in California.

Do consumers want their food served with a side of politics?
Land O'Lakes and Ben & Jerry's recently made news for political reasons, but new data shows customers have mixed opinions on this kind of involvement.

[Opinion] When it comes to food policy, the midterm elections may have consequences
Real change may come to Washington after Tuesday, but Sean McBride of DSM Communications writes that could set the stage for more years of tumult.


Status quo or blue wave? How the midterms could hit healthcare companies
A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that of the 1,200 adults surveyed, 71% said healthcare was "very important" to them more so than the economy or jobs.

9 state healthcare battles to watch Tuesday
From Medicaid expansion to dialysis treatments to nurse staffing ratios, here's a snapshot of key votes, the chances and what they could mean for the industry.

Red states say 'yes' to Medicaid
Three GOP-heavy states expanded Medicaid on Tuesday, and Democratic governor pickups could further the trend. Elsewhere on midterm ballots, nurse-to-patient staffing ratios lost and California hospitals scored a win.


Election day winners and losers HR execs should watch
Democrats took the House, Republicans held their Senate majority and a number of state minimum wage initiatives passed.

Election day: Voters consider minimum wage, marijuana ballot questions
Pay attention to the political goings on at the federal level, but keep track of rules and regulations from states and localities.

As midterms approach, workers tell of 'heated' political arguments in the office
Political discussions at work look similar to today's political climate, Randstad US said, but employers have a part to play in keeping things civil.


Is activist advertising the new frontier?
Increasingly, retail marketers are taking a stance on social and political issues and scoring customers in the meantime. Here's who's doing it best.


Midterms 2018: Key health ballot votes in the states
From Medicaid expansion to dialysis treatments to nurse staffing ratios, here's a snapshot of key votes, the chances and what they could mean for the industry.


Why this apparel company will shutter its site on Election Day
Like REI's Black Friday shut-down, Modcloth closing down its website and shops could resonate with its key customers.

Smart Cities

Could midterm election results spark a renewed infrastructure push?
While leaders have increasingly talked about rebuilding America's roads, bridges and networks, political realities may prevent much progress on the bipartisan issue.

Election 2018: The November ballot measures smart cities should watch
Of the 150-plus state ballot measures on Nov. 6, several relate to smart city focuses including transportation, affordable housing and renewable energy.

Supply Chain

US elections: Just another flawed supply chain?
If your supply chain ran an election, would everyone get to vote?


Ballot initiative flops mask strong election for clean energy
The failure of high-profile ballot initiatives in Arizona and Washington came amid wins for renewable energy supporters in key gubernatorial races.

2018 Election Roundup: Democrats seek gains amid clean energy push
While energy is typically low on voters' priority lists, Utility Dive looks at a number of developments that could impact the power sector from four state ballot initiatives to the race for Georgia's Public Service Commission.


Mixed election results for waste and recycling industry
While there were few direct ties to the industry in yesterday's midterm elections, the flip of House control may have notable implications.