February 26, 2019

Industry Dive Acquires InsightCity: Expands Life Sciences Reach

Industry Dive is pleased to announce the acquisition of InsightCity , a digital publication for leaders in the life science and healthcare industries.

Since its launch three years ago, InsightCity has been on a mission to take the most important health industry news stories each week, summarize them in context within a weekly newsletter, and makes professionals smarter for the short time invested.

Now under the stewardship of BioPharma Dive, InsightCity readers will be served with a more in-depth view of the biotech and pharma industries every day. This new chapter marks an exciting milestone and will provide readers with access to more content, reporting, and insights -- all while maintaining the same dedication to making them smarter.

With a community of almost 200,000 active readers, BioPharma Dive is a trusted name in biotech and pharma industry news. With daily insight on everything from gene therapies and biosimilars to big pharma dealmaking and drug pricing, BioPharma Dive provides a unique industry perspective.

"Delivered with the mantra "There. Youre smarter." InsightCity's weekly snapshot offered industry executives a quick and irreverent look at the news of the day. We are honored to expand upon that reporting and look forward to welcoming the readers of InsightCity into our community of more than five million business executives," said Sean Griffey, CEO of Industry Dive.

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