October 1, 2020

Industry Dive CEO Sean Griffey discusses company growth on 'A Media Operator'

In the latest episode of A Media Operator's podcast Industry Dive Co-founder and CEO Sean Griffey talks with Jacob Cohen Donnelly about the company's founding, our successful marketing-driven revenue model, how to build an audience, and what lies ahead. Griffey predicted we are not done with acquisitions and there are other industries we will dive into down the line.

Some highlights:

  • "Media is an execution game," Griffey said. "There's no secrets in what we're doing, you just have to do it better everyday than someone else and we're not afraid to try to do that."
  • We look for industries that are disrupted by technology and regulation Theres a need to follow the news. Peoples jobs and their companies and their careers can change on a dime and they need to keep up with whats going on.
  • "It's easy to get traffic, it's easy to get names, it's really hard to build an audience and if it was easy to build an audience, media would be a much much easier industry."

  • "I no longer say we're ad-supported, I say we're marketing-supported. I think there is a real difference there."

  • Advice for other looking to build a media company? "You'll never regret having data that you can build off of and support."

Listen to the full episode here on your browser.

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