August 24, 2020

Industry Dive CEO talks about company’s exciting future on media podcast

Industry Dive CEO Sean Griffey talked with TeamWorks Medias Jay Sharman this week on future plans since last months addition of more content marketing power and continued editorial success.

As a B2B media publisher, I really think you represent a best in class example of valued audiences..." Sharman said.

Listen to the full interview here .

Some thoughts by Sean include:

  • The NewsCred acquisition for us, is building on the capabilities we have, acquiring a really great team that does things in a depth we havent done and then marrying it with some of the things that media companies can bring to a content studio and that in particular is direct audience distribution. Its one thing to help someone create a story, its another to get it in front of the right people.
  • We built a company thats designed to cover niche markets for targeted audiences but do it in a way that is repeatable so we can scale by going across markets.
  • Our journalists really focus on what are the trends that shape an industry, what does a story mean? Not just the facts of a story, but what does it mean to the industry? How does it relate to the trends that are shaping them and what comes next? I think by focusing on that and taking a real journalistic lens to these industries, weve been able to differentiate ourselves from maybe some of the legacy ones in there.
  • When a big story happens, we can add context that mainstream business journalism cant.
  • And the bedside book? Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid - (although he noted he just got back from the beach and is normally a non-fiction guy).

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