August 5, 2019

Industry Dive to Deliver Finance News Designed for CFOs with Launch of New Publication

The role of Chief Financial Officer is changing faster than ever before. Whether its transforming financial planning and analysis through new technology and data tools, mitigating increased business risk, or focusing on talent and leadership development, CFOs are becoming more dynamic and expanding their influence in the C-suite.

Thats why Industry Dive is excited to give CFOs the news coverage they deserve. Industry Dive is proud to announce the launch of its newest publication, CFO Dive , right on the heels of Banking Dive . CFO Dive will provide finance executives with daily insight into the news and trends shaping finance.

Probably no executive today faces more exciting and challenging changes than the CFO. No longer just the companys top money strategist, CFOs must be economic forecasters, technology evangelists, policy wonks, and transaction managers. Its not unusual for their direct reports to include the companys IT chief, HR head, and even the general counsel. And as companies become increasingly intertwined with the global economy, CFOs must be able to transition their companys financial systems to accommodate that all in an environment in which theyre increasingly held liable when things go bad.

Our goal at CFO Dive is to provide the news and insight that CFOs can use every day to navigate the new world in which they operate, said Robert Freedman, Editor for CFO Dive.

Delivered daily, CFO Dive will cover everything that CFOs need to know,including financial reporting, compliance, budgeting, forecasting, technology, and risk management, all through the lens of a Chief Financial Officer.

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