June 16, 2022

Industry Dive delivers 10 years of business journalism

Industry Dive logo labeled with a special 10 year anniversary designation

Three co-founders and a tiny staff set out to build a new media company in 2012. Under the name Industry Dive, the team aimed to keep decision-makers informed on the latest news in their competitive industries. They created the first five publications, deemed Dives — Construction, Education, Marketing, Utility, and Waste.

Today, we’ve expanded to 27 publications that have become the go-to resources across the industries we cover. Nearly 13 million business leaders, including readers at all of the Fortune 100 companies, rely on our 110+ journalists to provide the in-depth reporting and analysis they can’t find anywhere else. Our coverage has earned top awards, been followed or picked up by legacy mainstream media outlets and cited in government publications and academic research. 

Our carefully curated and engaged audiences have attracted 2,200 clients. We guide startups to Fortune 500s through strategic marketing programs that support content creation, storytelling, and distribution from brand to demand. 

We’ve achieved  the growth and success we planned, worked and hoped for, but we don’t take our success for granted. We collaborate every day across the company to keep earning  our readers’ and clients’ trust. We aim to find other ways to build the modern media company and continue to redefine business journalism. 

This week, nearly 400 Industry Dive employees have made their way to our new Washington, D.C. headquarters in the city’s West End from across the United States and globally, as we now have offices in London and Dhaka.  After two years of remote work, with more than half of us joining the company during the pandemic, it’s time to meet in person, appreciate how far we’ve come and set goals for what’s next —  with some celebrating in between. 

In the coming months, our readers can expect new publications in competitive industries and deeper reporting in the areas we already cover. We will have virtual events with our reporters explaining the latest news affecting the industries and experiment with new ways to engage our audiences. Clients will see new products, from research reports to video offerings, and enhancements to what we already offer. 

Watch this company blog and follow Industry Dive across social media channels to see the latest company news. We have a great story to tell and can’t wait to add more chapters. 


Industry Dive is a leading business journalism company. Nearly 13 million decision-makers across 24 competitive industries rely on our exclusive insight and analysis delivered through 27 publications.

Suzanne Struglinski
Public Relations Manager