September 4, 2013

Industry Dive Data Shows Mobile is Huge in B2B

Industry Dive's primary audience is executives in our targeted industries. One of the way we reach them is through free email newsletters. And since we're sending the same type of message to tens of thousands of subscribers across seven industries, we are in a unique position to observe trends and patterns in the email usage data.

An important fact becomes clear pretty quickly: lots of people read business messages on a mobile device.

In the month of July, 6 out of 7 of our verticals saw over 40% of readers primarily using a mobile device to read their email:

Industry Mobile Desktop Web Education 48% 31% 20% Retail 45% 36% 19% Construction 45% 27% 28% Food 43% 46% 11% Marketing 41% 40% 19% Utility 41% 38% 20% Waste 36% 44% 20%

The numbers vary a bit by industry, but the message is clear across the board: mobile users cannot be ignored.

Visualizing the Retail Dive and Food Dive data, we can see that mobile usage is continuing to gain traction in 2013

Retail Dive : Email Client Usage
(January 2013 through July 2013)

Food Dive : Email Client Usage
(January 2013 through July 2013)

The biggest takeaway here is that mobile is huge. Depending on the message, roughly half our subscribers are reading our email messages on their phone. Industry Dive's email templates and websites have been designed from the beginning to look great on all devices.

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