July 29, 2015

Industry Dive expands healthcare information offerings with HealthWorksCollective community

Industry Dive is excited to announce the acquisition of HealthWorksCollective . Born from the collaboration between Social Media Today and Siemens, HealthWorksCollective is a blogger-based community that gives healthcare professionals a unique platform to share insights and experiences with peers, and to participate in a fruitful dialogue on a wide range of healthcare topics.

"I can't think of a better way tohelp healthcare leaderspush the industry forward than by leveraging the knowledge of their peers.We are thrilled to be an active part of the HealthWorksCollective community" said Sean Griffey, Industry Dive CEO.

Started in 2011, HealthWorksCollective has grown to serve over 90,000 professionals in the healthcare industry. Recognizing the passionate community and valuable member resources, Industry Dive jumped at the opportunity to have a role in HealthWorksCollective's future.

"Were delighted that this conversation, begun with some of the smartest people in the healthcare business around the world, can continue with new energy and leadership" saidRobin Carey, CEO of Social Media Today.

HealthWorksCollective will help drive Healthcare Dive's mission toempower leaders with information that helps transform the industry. Griffey:"We look forward to continuing the growth and evolution of this unique group."