November 5, 2020

Industry Dive Insight: The impacts of 2020 election results (so far) on business in our markets

During the 2020 election cycle, Industry Dive journalists didnt cover the political horse race as it unfolded. Plenty of news organizations did that. Instead, we report on the potential business implications of election results on the 20+ industries and professions we cover.

As we still await the outcome of the presidential race a full two days after Election Day, states have certified results of Senate and House races, state legislature contests, and ballot initiatives. These outcomes alone will have ripple effects across business -- from how delivery services classify their drivers to the workplace implications of legal marijuana to the likely Republican-leaning Senate's impact on policy affecting many sectors.

Now that the dust has settled on some (but not all) election results, this is what our sources have to say about the different outcomes and their impact on various sectors. As the results of the presidential election become clear, our journalists will also have stories unpacking what that may mean for business conditions in 2021 and beyond.

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Updated Nov. 6.

Nov. 6, 2020

Construction Dive: Marijuana initiatives pass in 5 states: What contractors need to know

Education Dive: Ed experts reflect on long-term impact of Trump K-12 policies

Healthcare Dive: Healthcare helped Democrats usher in 2018's blue wave. This year it hasn't delivered a decisive win.

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Smart Cities Dive: Incumbents largely maintain leadership in US mayoral races

Nov. 5, 2020

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Marketing Dive: Gap yanks call for unity from Twitter after it falls flat

Retail Dive: Election delays hinder store traffic and online sales as holidays launch

Smart Cities Dive: CA's Prop 22 passage could bring further challenges to ride-hail regulations

Smart Cities Dive: Austin, TX braces for change following Prop A's approval

Utility Dive: 5 ballot initiatives poised to propel states, cities to 100% clean energy

Utility Dive: Utility commission incumbents largely prevailed on election night, but the South could see upsets

Nov. 4, 2020

Education Dive: California vote signals affirmative action remains divisive

Education Dive: How higher education issues and leadership fared at the polls

Healthcare Dive: As pivotal ACA case heads to Supreme Court, potential outcomes are many

HR Dive: How Election Day results could impact HR and the business world

HR Dive: States vote 'yes' on marijuana, paid leave in meaningful election for HR

HR Dive: The unprecedented push for Election Day benefits in 2020

Restaurant Dive: California's Proposition 22 passes in major win for food delivery companies

Utility Dive: Biden, Trump each have path to presidency, but likely Republican Senate narrows clean energy path

Nov. 3, 2020

BioPharma Dive: In 2020 election, an uncertain fate for drug price controls