November 9, 2020

Industry Dive Insight: What Biden-Harris win means for the industries we cover

As President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris begin their transition plans to begin their administration in January, Industry Dive reporters have taken a first look at what this may mean for the industries we cover. We also share insights on ballot initiative outcomes and other election results.

Nov. 23

Construction Dive: Will Biden continue Trump's construction-friendly regulatory environment?

Nov. 20

Education Dive: What's ahead for for-profits and OPMs under Biden?

Education Dive: Will Biden be able to double the Pell Grant?

Education Dive: Biden has proposed Title I for colleges. Here's what that could look like.

Transport Dive: The DOT under Biden: Does it really matter who's in charge at the FMCSA?

Nov. 18

Education Dive: What does Biden have planned for K-12?

Nov. 17

Transport Dive: Biden unveils DOT transition team

Nov. 13

Waste Dive: Georgia voters approve ballot measure that could direct millions to new recycling efforts

Nov. 12.

HR Dive: Biden could bring overtime rule redo, expanded benefits mandate

MedTech Dive: 3 ways Biden's COVID-19 approach could impact medtech

Nov. 11
Education Dive: What do leading K-12 organizations expect from a Biden presidency?

Education Dive: State ballot measures' impacts on K-12 schools

HR Dive: Biden labor policy likely to feature stronger enforcement, COVID-19 action

Nov. 10
Construction Dive: Casino construction gets a boost from voters

Food Dive: What could Biden's win mean for the CPG industry?

Healthcare Dive: 5 issues hospitals want Biden to tackle in his first 100 days

Healthcare Dive: Top picks for who could run HHS, CMS under Biden

Smart Cities Dive: Biden expected to spur growth of smart city tech market

Utility Dive: Storage tax credit remains unlikely in divided government, but could pass in compromise bill: analyst

Nov. 9

Banking Dive: Bank executives, trade groups react to Biden-Harris victory

Cybersecurity Dive: What will a Biden presidency mean for business tech and cyber?What will a Biden presidency mean for business tech and cyber?

Education Dive: What does Biden's anticipated win mean for colleges?

Education Dive: Biden is president-elect: What could it mean for K-12?

Marketing Dive: How a Joe Biden presidency could impact brand marketing

Healthcare Dive: Biden names COVID-19 experts, calls pandemic top priority for transition

See additional roundups of our Election 2020 coverage here and here , which included these and other stories:

Nov. 5, 2020

Banking Dive : Why a Biden win could be good for fintech

Healthcare Dive: Even if BidenBiden faces a divided Congress, stifling chance for more progressive health policies wins, divided Congress stifles chance for more progressive health policies

Oct. 30, 2020

Construction Dive: Border wall breakup: Will blacklisting of contractors end if construction stops?

Education Dive: How would Biden's immigration proposals affect international students?

Oct. 29, 2020

Construction Dive: Border wall breakup: What would happen if Biden becomes president

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