September 19, 2022

Industry Dive launches C‑Store Dive

Industry Dive brings its signature news coverage and insight to the $35 billion convenience store industry with its 28th publication, C-Store Dive. National and regional convenience store chain executives, independent store operators and fuel company leaders who subscribe will get the latest information and analysis on what’s happening in the industry — and what’s coming next.  

As a leader in delivering high-quality business journalism to carefully curated audiences of business leaders and decision makers, Industry Dive determined Grocery Dive was a reliable source of information for the food retail industry, but the convenience store space had its own unique challenges that would benefit from targeted coverage, whether it be the growth of electric vehicles or changing regulatory landscape for tobacco or marijuana. 

“C-Store Dive will pay close attention to the unique needs of convenience stores as inflation, labor issues and  transportation advances will force change in the near- and long-term,” said Industry Dive Editor-in-Chief Davide Savenije. “The changes in this market create the right opportunity for us to become a trusted and indispensable source of information and insight for our readers.”

Lead editor Jeff Wells and Reporter Brett Dworski will explore the issues that impact the daily operations and strategies for national and regional chains, as well as independently owned or operated stores. With roughly 148,000 convenience stores across the United States, there will be a myriad of stories to tell, strategies to glean and tactics to unpack. 

“As drivers turn to electric cars and gas prices fluctuate, the convenience store industry has to evolve from predominantly depending on a steady stream of customers coming in to fill their gas tanks,” said Thai Phi Le, C-Store Dive managing editor. “Our deep reporting and insights on important news and trends will keep our readers informed to make the best business decisions.”

Coverage topics will include foodservice expansion; technology, including checkout systems, payments and security; e-commerce; new business models and strategies; labor; fuels; and other topics that are essential to the convenience store industry. 

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