March 1, 2021

Industry Dive launches Payments Dive

Industry Dive introduces the anticipated Payments Dive publication today, adding a new market to its fast-growing business journalism portfolio. The company has hired business journalists Saied Ali Sartipzadeh and Lynne Marek to manage and cover the new beat.

This is Industry Dives 23rd publication since it started in 2012 and the latest example of the companys scalability and commitment to keep those shaping different industries informed.

There are many crucial stories to tell about the increasing digitization of payment transactions, and we're eager to dive in to help business leaders understand the changing dynamics in the space, said Industry Dive Editor-in-Chief Davide Savenjie . Payments Dive will introduce a new audience to our respected business journalism, and at the same time better serve our current readers who want this information.

In February, Industry Dive acquired Mobile Payments Today to bring an established community and audience to Payments Dive. Industry Dive will expand coverage beyond mobile payments to examine the entire digital payments ecosystem. The new coverage of the regulatory, legal and technological challenges brought on by the payments industrys rapid evolution also will benefit readers and subscribers of Industry Dives other publications including Retail Dive, Grocery Dive, Restaurant Dive, Healthcare Dive and more.

The pandemic has accelerated everything in the payments space and companies need to be on board and keep up if they want to move forward, said Payments Dive Managing Editor Andy Burt . Industry Dives journalism connects the dots for our readers, to explain how something impacts their business and why it matters. Beyond covering the latest tool or trend, we look at how it works and how it can be implemented. We respect our spot in your inbox and have become a must-read resource for so many because of the sharp focus on whats important. We dont waste anyones time.

Burt has successfully launched three other Industry Dive publications and will lead the first several months of Payments Dive coverage. Sartipzadeh will take over as managing editor of the new publication as well as Banking Dive and CFO Dive. Sartipzadeh joined Industry Dive in February after more than 20 years as a Managing Editor at Bloomberg BNA where he led coverage of financial reporting, securities, and antitrust.

Marek joins Industry Dive today as Payments Dive Senior Editor. Based in Chicago, Marek was most recently a senior reporter at Crains Chicago Business, and prior to that was the Chicago Bureau Chief for the National Law Journal and a veteran reporter for Bloomberg News.

Later this year, Burt will move to manage Supply Chain Dive, CIO Dive, Transport Dive and Cybersecurity Dive.


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Contact: Suzanne Struglinski