February 20, 2019

Industry Dive named finalists for 2 Neal Awards

The Jesse H. Neal Awards have named Industry Dive as finalists for two categories:

The Neal Awards are commonly referred to as the Pulitzer Prizes of business-to-business media and recognize the best work in the industry from the last year. The winners will be announced on March 29 during an awards ceremony in New York City.

Ben Unglesbee's "In Search of the Real J. Peterman" story came out in spring 2018 on Retail Dive, a leading online publication covering the news and trends shaping the retail space. The profile tells the story of the J. Peterman, the eccentric retailer who inspired a famous fictional character of the same name on the popular TV show Seinfeld. Despite being dwarfed in the national consciousness by his namesake, the real J. Peterman today still runs a retail company that owns a unique place in the retail landscape.

Jeff Wells' "Pardon the Disruption" column debuted in late 2018 on Grocery Dive, a leading online publication covering the news and trends shaping the grocery industry. The column sets its sights on examining the forces shaping the future of grocery retail. With sharp voice and deep insight, the first issue dives into the grocery turf wars occurring in over-stored Richmond, Virginia -- a microcosm of the hyper-competitive grocery landscape in the U.S.

"We couldn't be more proud of the work that Jeff, Ben and their teams have done to earn this incredibly well-deserved recognition," said Davide Savenije, Editor-in-Chief at Industry Dive. "These two pieces are excellent representations of our newsroom's best journalism from 2018."

The Jessie H. Neal Awards recognize and reward editorial excellence in business publications, according to their website. Submissions are judged on three factors: journalistic enterprise, extent of service to the field and editorial craftsmanship.