August 28, 2017

Industry Dive Named to Folio Magazine's 30 under 30 and Folio:100

Industry Dive has once again joined the ranks of The Atlantic , Cond Nast, and The New Yorker , with nominations to Folio Mags   Folio:100   and   30 under 30  awards.

  30 under 30

Senior Editor, Davide Savenije, and Director of Sales, Imogen Bradbury have both been named Folio: 30 Under 30 honorees.

"The 30-Under-30 spotlights some of the smartest and most accomplished people in the business," said Folio: Vice President of Content Tony Silber.

Starting at Industry Dive as the first editorial intern in 2012,   Davide Savenije , led the growth of Utility Dive, a digital publication covering the transformation of the US electric power sector, from relative unknown to industry-leading publication. Now managing Industry Dives retail, food, healthcare and energy verticals, Davide leads a team of journalists with incredible vision-setting and strategy.

Why did you go into media?   DS : I've always loved telling stories no matter the medium. But I'll admit I never thought I would be doing that in business media - a space with an unfortunate reputation where people think it's really boring. When I first came to Industry Dive shortly after graduating from college, I immediately noticed all these complex industries that we cover are undergoing radical transformations. I saw very few publications telling these stories in ways that I think are compelling  stories of how and why shifts in technology, policy, and consumer behavior are fundamentally changing the way whole industries operate. Those stories fascinate me. So as soon as I got into the space, I wanted to disrupt the notion that business media had to be dry and boring, and fuse the creativity of digital storytelling with the serious insight our audiences need on a daily basis. That's why I got into this line of work and I love it.

What drives you?   DS : My greatest responsibility is to be the best possible leader for the people who work for me. I consider myself lucky to be able to support, guide and work with a lot of creative people. I love seeing my journalists grow and become great at what they are passionate about. I feel strongly that my job, in many ways, is about helping people get the most out of their talent and potential. I take that responsibility very seriously, but it's also incredibly rewarding and what motivates me to be a better leader every day.

Over the last 12 months, what has surprised you the most about your career?   DS : A lot has happened in the last 12 months that's surprised me: I've become a father, which has meant a lot of change in my personal life. But becoming a father has also helped me grow in my career. It's an informative challenge to balance being a father and husband at home and a leader at work. The reality is, a family in many ways is like a team. To have a strong team, everyone needs to be willing and happy to do what the team needs. Sometimes, it's something you really want to do; sometimes, it's not. You need to sacrifice. But if everyone does what needs to be done so the team can achieve its goals, that's what makes a good team. Of course, that's not something I just learned in the last 12 months, but as my responsibilities  both at home and at work  have grown, I have more fully realized the importance.

  Imogen Bradbury  started her career at Industry Dive in 2013. The second sales person hired in the company's history, she quickly made her impact on Industry Dive's culture and bottom line. She has also been instrumental in the creation of new product offerings and played a crucial role in scaling the sales department from two to 14 sales reps. In 2017 she was promoted to Director of Sales where she oversees the entire sales team and Industry Dive's annual sales goal.

Why did you go into media?   IB : Honestly, by accident. I knew I wanted to be at a young company with an entrepreneurial spirit where I could I harness my interest and skills in sales/marketing. Thanks to several media studies courses in college, I was familiar with and excited by the changes in the industry (especially around mobile) and good luck landed me at Industry Dive.

What drives you? IB : Knowing that I'm working with some of the smartest people in the industry and that Industry Dive is continuing to see sustained success while growing and innovating (which for many other companies would require taking a loss).

Over the last 12 months, what has surprised you the most about your career? IB : My day-to-day has changed a lot over the last 12 months - I've had to shift from an independent role, focused on my own personal success to a managerial role concerned with the success of the entire sales team.


  Eli Dickinson , Industry Dives co-founder, and CTO, has been named to the Folio:100 list.

"The Folio: 100 list recognizes people for the tangible impact they've had in their jobs, on their companies and brands, or on the industry at large," said Folio's Silber.

Eli's contributions to Industry Dive are tangible not only in the founding of the company but in the unparalleled leadership and scaling of the businesss technology talent and capabilitiesacross multiple web platforms and more than 15 different publications.

Why did you go into media?   ED : I had a brief career as a journalist before getting pulled back into technology. Writing good software has more in common with writing good copy than it might seem: both are about applying skills, knowledge, and creativity to solve a problem and serve an audience. I'm lucky to be able to address both interests at Industry Dive.

What drives you?   ED : I really like learning and creating new things. No matter how big Industry Dive gets it's important that we always keep our focus on innovation and I always want us to be innovating and experimentation.

Over the last 12 months, what has surprised you the most about your career?   ED : I'm frequently surprised and impressed by the things we're able to accomplish with a relatively small team of smart people working on a problem.