June 15, 2020

Industry Dive named to Washington Post Top Workplaces 2020 list

The Washington Post named Industry Dive to its Top Workplaces2020 list - the fourth time we have received the award. Yes, these are challenging times, but for a moment, we want to celebrate what is truly the result of a lot of hard, dedicated work.

As the lore goes, in 2012, Industry Dive was born in an old corner grocery store with five Dives Construction, Education, Marketing, Utility, and Waste. The idea was each publication would dive deep into the industry with journalists covering news and analysis and advertisers reaching the right audiences. The idea worked.

Now in 2020, we are a leading business journalism company. More than 10 million decision-makers across 20 competitive industries read our original reporting, exclusive insights, and in-depth analysis delivered through 22 publications. We have more than 175 employees, including 75 journalists, who work together to bring the best information to industry executives and professionals that they will not find anywhere else.

We can talk about our award-winning journalism, innovative design or client-centered marketing and advertising strategies, but this recognition by the Post stems from what we have created since our inception - and has been tested in these past few months - our culture.

Beyond the usual workplace perks list of free coffee or health insurance, open vacation time and other benefits, the Industry Dive team is made up of people with a wide spectrum of background, passions, interests and talents. Some of us have been here since the early days but at the pace we are growing, there new faces coming in all time.

One of our core values is Earn it. We know our success is not guaranteed but something we have to keep working to make happen. When COVID-19 closures forced us to work remotely, the team pivoted quickly, nearly seamlessly, and continued to do our jobs - to report the news and serve our clients. We broke stories and found ways to help clients with new marketing solutions to help their businesses.

As our homes became offices, and videos replaced in-person meetings, we still laughed together and made a conscientious effort to stay connected. We created a wfhlookingatyou Slack channel with a daily employee spotlight Q&A and a #MysteryBaby photo contest. In a nod to our friendly competitive nature, the March Snackness bracket that replaced the canceled March Madness contest has now evolved into a Disney movie bracket challenge. While we are a hardworking team, we can still be fun, creative, and thoughtful. We are committed to each other in good times and in bad. There is a genuine care and concern for each other and efforts to make sure the company is a place that all feel welcome and included.

Its not clear when we will get back to the office, what the new normal might look like or what else 2020 might throw at all us. While we cannot -or will not- ignore all that is happening around us, we briefly pause today to for a welcome bit of positivity. Weve earned it.


Industry Dive is a leading business journalism company. More than 10 million decision-makers across 20 competitive industries rely on its exclusive insight and analysis delivered through our 22 publications.