April 17, 2020

Industry Dive publications win 2 Neal Awards, named 2nd runner-up for Grand Neal

Industry Dive's publications today won two Jessie H. Neal Awards , one of the most prestigious award programs in business-to-business media, and were named as a second runner-up for the Grand Neal Award.

"We are extremely proud of our teams. This is a great recognition for our newsroom and the ambitious reporting they are doing every day," said Davide Savenije, editor-in-chief at Industry Dive. "These awards showcase the best of our journalism, and how much it has grown over the last few years.

Dive publications won the following awards:

Utility Dive's "Road to 100" series was also named a second runner-up for the Grand Neal Award, which rewards the best of the best across all Neal Awards categories.

Industry Dive publications were finalists for 7 Neal Awards this year, and won one Neal Award for Best Profile last year.The Neal Awards judges evaluate submissions on journalistic enterprise, extent of service to the field and editorial craftsmanship.

Read on for more about each award and the story behind it.

Best Editorial Use of Data - Follow the money, BioPharma Dive

BioPharma Dive Senior Editor Ned Pagliarulo and former Reporter Andrew Dunn won a Neal Award for Best Editorial Use of Data for " Follow the money: How biopharma CEOs and workers got paid in 2018. "

This is a fantastic piece of work that produced great findings that were picked up by external media, always a good outcome for a B2B title," the Neal Awards judges said about the piece.

The story examined regulatory filings from nearly 200 life sciences companies, ranging from pharmaceutical giants to small biotechs with market values of at least $500 million. The review compiled data on CEO and median employee compensation, stock performance and gender representation.

"Executives salaries are often the topic of stories about some of the largest companies in our industry. We didn't see, however, a comprehensive accounting of how CEOs were paid across the sector, and how that compared to what their employees made," Pagliarulo said. "A relatively new financial reporting requirement made telling such a story possible in a way that's meaningful for our readers in the industry and beyond."

Dunn now covers pharma and biotech at Business Insider.

Best Series - Road to 100, Utility Dive

Utility Dive Reporter Catherine Morehouse won a Neal Award for Best Series for Road to 100: How four cities are leading the renewables revolution , in the classification for brands with revenue less than $3 million.The project was also named a second runner-up for the Grand Neal Award, which rewards the best of the best across all Neal Award categories.

"At a time when regional and local media is being decimated and national media show little interest in traveling the backwaters of America to tell important local stories, B2B media has a crucial role to play, the Neal Awards judges said about the project.

Morehouse traveled to Rock Port, Missouri, Greensburg, Kansas, Georgetown, Texas, and Aspen, Colorado to talk about the political, technical and economic challenges faced to achieve 100% renewable energy and how their cities became global leaders in the renewables revolution

"Getting to visit each of these cities and hear the stories of the people who worked to change the very structure of the way their cities operate was such a rewarding experience and I'm happy those stories resonated with so many people, Morehouse said. I'm also grateful to my wonderful Utility Dive team who gave me the flexibility and time to explore these stories.


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