June 3, 2020

Industry Dive publications win 3 SIPA awards

Industry Dive publications won three awards from the Specialized Information Publishers Association, recognizing their stand-out work in analytical reporting and profiles.

These stories illustrate the depth and impact of journalism that we bring to our readers every day, said Davide Savenije, editor-in-chief at Industry Dive.

Industry Dive publications won the following awards:

  • Second Place for Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting: Health Care/Regulatory/Education - The struggles of small liberal arts colleges, Education Dive: Higher Ed

The Specialized Information Publishers Association, part of the Software & Information Industry Association, has recognized the best work from niche publications annually since 1978. The organization announced winners across 27 categories at a virtual award ceremony on Tuesday.

See below for more details on the award winners.

Through the eyes of one company, Food Dive Senior Reporter Christopher Doering told the story of the larger dairy segment. He paired candid interviews with the Bordens CEO Tony Sarsam and insight from industry insiders with data from USDA documents showing dairy consumption over the last few decades.

When writing this piece, I wanted to give our readers more than just a look inside Borden. I wanted to put the company's ambitious goals in context and discuss the challenges they would face in order to succeed," Doering said. "The Texas company was trying to make a comeback, but doing it at a time when the dairy industry as a whole was riddled with challenges such as declining milk consumption and competition from plant-based products. The best way to tell the story was to go straight to the source."

  • First Place Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting: Health Care/ Regulatory/Education - Pharmacquired column, BioPharma Dive

Pharmacquired digs into what drives the biopharmaceutical industry's dealmaking and asks what might come next. The series offers deep analysis of why companies might be motivated to do a deal, and features interviews with company CEOs, top Wall Street analysts, lawyers and investors.

Perhaps more so than ever, the biopharma industry is defined by its acquisitions. Big pharmas, which for years outsourced their research, are now shelling out tens of billions of dollars to purchase innovative biotechs," said BioPharma Dive reporter Jacob Bell, who writes the recurring column. "But the M&A process, along with its results, can be opaque. Our mission in writing Pharmacquired is to provide insight and context around why companies are making these deals and what's at stake if they don't go as planned."

  • Second Place Best Interpretive or Analytical Reporting: Health Care/ Regulatory/Education - The Struggles of Small Liberal Arts Colleges, multiple stories, Education Dive: Higher Ed

A series of stories by the Education Dive: Higher Ed team focused on the struggles small liberal arts colleges face, what they are doing to save themselves, and whether experts think it will work.

"Small liberal arts colleges are facing strong financial headwinds, and dozens have folded under the pressure over the last few years, said Natalie Schwartz, Reporter, Education Dive: Higher Ed. We are focused on explaining how some colleges are adapting to the challenges and what went wrong when they don't."


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