April 24, 2023

Industry Dive publications win 4 Neal Awards, including Best Website

The Software & Information Industry Association recognized Industry Dive publications with four Jesse H. Neal Awards Friday, April 21st at the annual awards lunch in New York. 

Fifty-nine awards were handed out across 24 categories in the prestigious b2b journalism awards program. In addition to best industry coverage, best news coverage and best series, Industry Dive was honored to receive best website for a publication.

"We're incredibly proud of the recognition bestowed upon us by our peers in b2b media," said Industry Dive’s Editor-in Chief, Davide Savenije, who accepted the awards on behalf of the newsroom in New York on Friday. "The awards reflect areas where our publications shine the most: our consistent, enterprising reporting on important industry issues; our coverage of big breaking news with equal measures of speed, depth and insight; our ability to step back from the news and produce highly impactful projects that examine critical topics; and the modern, compelling design of the websites through which we deliver our journalism and other valuable content to our readers."

Here is a full list of awards won by Industry Dive publications with background on the award-winning work:

BioPharma Dive 

  • Best Industry Coverage: a look at biotech's worst downturn in years including the article, ‘Flat is the new up’: After biotech correction, venture investors turn to safer bets

    BioPharma Dive Senior Editor Ben Fidler regularly checks regulatory filings to spot new biotech companies hoping to go public — a key source of funding for fledgling drug startups. So when weeks passed at the start of 2022 with only a handful of IPOs, he sensed something had changed. In 2021, a record number of biotechs had made the jump to public markets, buoyed by an influx of funding brought on in part by the industry’s key role in responding to the pandemic. But investor demand waned toward the end of the year and that dry spell proved to be an enduring downturn in 2022 for a sector that produces many of the U.S.’s newly public companies.

    Fidler documented the shifting funding environment with an in-depth feature that included commentary from a dozen top industry investors and executives. He and the BioPharma Dive team followed that with further reporting on how venture capital firms were becoming more cautious, tightening purse strings and building companies more conservatively. 

    Fidler’s reporting was supported by data he collected and compiled on IPOs, allowing him to create powerful data visualizations and provide insights that wouldn’t otherwise be available.
  • Best News Coverage: coverage of Amylyx Pharmaceuticals ALS drug, including the article How a long shot ALS drug came before the FDA

    Early in 2022, BioPharma Dive Senior Reporter Jacob Bell wrote an in-depth profile of biotech company Amylyx Pharmaceuticals’s winding path through FDA regulatory review. He covered both of the day-long, heavily technical advisory meetings, adeptly contextualizing the advisers’ debate for our readers with quick-turn stories. And upon the drug’s eventual approval, Bell had a detailed story 15 minutes after the agency’s decision was made.

    In December, Bell reported on patients’ early experiences with the drug, now sold as Relyvrio. He interviewed people with ALS as well as the doctors and nurses helping them navigate insurance coverage for the treatment’s $158,000 annual cost.

    Bell’s reporting vividly illustrated the dilemma regulators face when considering promising new medicines with early, but not comprehensive, evidence of benefit. It’s an issue with implications beyond ALS, and has been at the heart of debate over the FDA’s regulatory oversight this year. 

Marketing Dive 

  • Best Series: Brand rivalries that helped define modern marketing

    Under the leadership of Lead Editor Chantal Tode, the Marketing Dive editorial team explored how some of the most successful brands wielded a healthy dose of competition, marketing expertise, creativity and persistence across the decades and into the present.

    Many of the iconic brands have faced what were unprecedented challenges at the time and made it through. Using history references and marketing professors, Senior Reporter Peter Adams explored Coke and Pepsi; Editor Natalie Koltun looked at Nike and Adidas; Reporter Chris Kelly took on Burger King and McDonalds; and Associate Editor Sara Karlovitch looked at Bud Light versus Miller Light. The team rolled out the four-part series over the course of a month to inspire marketers as they struggled to move forward at a difficult time. 

Retail Dive

  • Best Website: www.retaildive.com

    Retail Dive provides critical information to retail executives using an accessible voice and a variety of storytelling techniques. The team’s deep expertise and frank appreciation for the importance — and sometimes ridiculous twists and turns — of the industry comes through in critical news analysis, deeply reported features and other mediums. 

    Leveraging its unique position chronicling the broad retail industry, Retail Dive highlighted in 2022 trends that were underreported elsewhere, including executive churn, continued retail industry distress, inventory issues, emerging frontiers for retailers and the slow demise of a storied department store brand.

    Retail Dive was recognized as Best Website of the year “based on quality of writing, reporting and editing; value and usefulness to the reader; layout and design; use of web technologies; and interactivity.”  Retail Dive’s coverage of the waning of legacy retailers and the rise of potential new disrupters garnered the award.


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