January 18, 2022

Industry Dive relaunches PharmaVoice

PharmaVoice logo

Industry Dive ushers in a new era today for PharmaVoice, the trusted resource for life science leaders. Relaunched with a new all-digital format, readers will find a new user experience to read the insights and perspectives PharmaVoice has offered for more than 20 years.

Industry Dive acquired PharmaVoice in September 2021 as part of its recent expansion. With today’s relaunch, Industry Dive will deliver original content to a carefully curated audience of executives in a specific industry - the successful strategy that has worked for its 20+ other publications.

"PharmaVoice fills a gap for executives as a space to read about their peers’ latest breakthroughs and views on industry trends,” said Industry Dive Editor-in-Chief Davide Savenije. “Our audiences already count on us to deliver news and analysis through the Dive publications. PharmaVoice offers something different. It’s an impactful community built on insight from those in the industry who face the same challenges.”

Industry Dive transformed PharmaVoice to its signature email newsletter model. Subscribers will receive an update with the latest stories every weekday straight to their email inbox to replace the magazine, which published its last edition in December. Industry Dive’s in-house designers, engineers, marketers and other teams revamped everything from the logo to the website, email strategy and coverage plans to align with the new digital format.

“PharmaVoice may look different but we can’t wait to continue to tell the stories behind the people and companies influencing the biggest advancements and breakthroughs in the life sciences,” said Lead Editor Robin Robinson. “Sharing these stories via the new newsletter allows readers access to articles and information faster than before.”

Robinson, who had been Senior Editor at PharmaVoice, joins new staff member Senior Editor and Writer Meagan Parrish, who previously was the Senior Editor for Pharma Manufacturing magazine. They will work on the newsletter’s interviews and articles on commercialization, research and development, cell and gene therapy, and policy and regulation and other topics.

Taren Grom, the co-founder and longtime Editor-in-Chief of PharmaVoice is now the Editor-in-Chief Emeritus. She will regularly interview industry leaders and spearhead the Woman of the Week podcast series, the PharmaVoice 100 annual list and event, and more.

“It’s an exciting day to begin a new path forward for PharmaVoice,” Grom said. “I’ve worked closely with my new colleagues to build on what we created and know we will continue to serve as the place to hear the most important voices on the latest trends in the industry.”

Industry Dive’s established publications Healthcare Dive, MedTech Dive, and BioPharma Dive will continue to be authoritative news outlets for their industries. PharmaVoice will complement that coverage but remain a distinct and separate publication.

The PharmaVoice acquisition was just one part of Industry Dive’s recent expansion. In all, the leading business journalism company had three acquisitions in 2021 and two in 2020.

To recap:

About Industry Dive
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Suzanne Struglinski
Industry Dive, PR Manager