May 4, 2015

Industry Dive to Broaden Media Portfolio with the Launch of HR Dive

Supporting your organizations workforce management efforts is often a challenge when HR functions are minimally integrated into business operations. Today, 34% of HR professionals report having no voice in company decision-making as one of their most pressing obstacles. This is why Industry Dive has announced the launch of HR Dive a digital workforce management publication further expanding its reach of essential news and analysis to more than 1.5 million business leaders.

"We've heard from our readers that the changing nature of modern business has often left the workforce management role in the dark or without a seat at the executive table. With HR Dive we're answering the call for intelligence at the intersection of business strategy and talent management." -Industry Dive Co-founder Sean Griffey

Successful workforce management is directly tied to an organizations business processes. Without this integration, organizations will struggle to maintain effective recruitment, onboarding, compensation, benefit, staff engagement and, ultimately, employee performance and retention practices. Designed to help HR executives and managers emerge as high-performing, strategic business partners, HR Dive will cover critical workforce management issues and trends such as:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • HR Management
  • Learning & Development
  • Comp & Benefits
  • Technology & Analytics

HR Dive marks the tenth daily publication launched by Industry Dive since its inception in 2012. To see our full media portfolio, visit

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