July 6, 2015

Industry Dive to Deliver Agile News for CIOs with Launch of New Publication

As information and technology grow more crucial to business, the rise of the CIO should be apparent. But because a majority of CIOs are mired with modernizing an aging infrastructure, they struggle to stay informed and involved with the big-picture company strategy. With this in mind, Industry Dive has announced the launch of CIO Dive a technology and business publication designed to keep the modern tech leader apace with industry developments.

"With the industry news available presently, it's a time-resource battle for CIOs to stay informed while balancing IT demand and strategic discussions. There is simply not enough time in the day. That's why CIO Dive will be an invaluable tool for the busy tech executive." -Industry Dive co-founder and CTO Eli Dickinson

Created to give IT leaders the important industry news in a timely manner and an easy-to-use format, CIO Dive will cover strategic trends that are shaping IT today. We will help enterprise executives understand how to implement and utilize technology to drive revenue, improve customer experiences, and build enterprise value. Topics covered will include:

  • IT Strategy
  • Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • Mobile

CIO Dive is the 11th publication launched by Industry Dive since its inception in 2012. To see our full media portfolio, visit IndustryDive.com .

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